NICE training and development opportunities

To help us understand the needs of our users we are offering the opportunity to be directly involved in the work we do.

Fellows, registrars and speciality trainees can either lead on, or be involved in key projects at NICE, which support national health and care priorities.

We can offer excellent opportunities to develop a range of skills including:

  • leadership
  • management
  • strategy
  • project management
  • health economics analysis
  • guideline development.

Training placements are available both at NICE’s Manchester and London offices, as well as remotely. 

Current opportunities

Faculty of medical leadership and management

Each year NICE hosts fellows from the faculty of medical leadership and management scheme. 

Applicants must register their interest through the faculty website.

Recent projects and publications

Faculty of public health nationally available training placements (NATP) 

We provides mationally available training placements for senior public health specialty registrars (SpRs) to acquire specific additional or contextual experience at a national level and develop specialist leadership knowledge and skills.

We currently offer up to 3 placements lasting 6-12 months, full or part-time, throughout the year. With flexible starting and completion dates.

Further details about the placement opportunities can be found by downloading the NATP form for NICE.

For those wishing to apply, please send your CV and placement objectives at NICE to

Our educational supervisors at NICE are:

  • Dr Judith Richardson (Manchester office)
  • Dr Hannah Patrick (London office).

Faculty of public health projects scheme (FPH)

We have opportunities that fall under the FPHs Projects Scheme. Interested applicants should apply via the FPH projects scheme webpage.

Interested applicants should apply via the FPH projects scheme webpage.

Recent projects

Public Health development in LMIC countries, NICE Advice (formerly NICE International) and the Faculty of Public Health Africa SIG – jointly hosted posting for 6-12 months.

Public health curriculum competency - achieving learning outcome KA7.5  

We offer public health speciality trainees a dedicated training opportunity to accumulate evidence for outcome KA7.5. This is facilitated through pre-reading, attendance at an online health technology appraisal committee meeting and post-meeting discussion.

For further information or to apply to take part in the training please contact

NICE clinical fellowships

We have clinical fellowship opportunities that become available in the development of NICE guidelines. These opportunities are usually for fellows with specialist expertise related to the guideline topic area.

Clinical fellows will be an active participant in guideline development, with involvement in the entire guideline production process. Supporting the NICE technical team, fellows will be involved in and have education and training opportunities in the following areas of work:

  • supporting surveillance and system monitoring of guidelines in the suite
  • validation of prioritisation of key areas for maintaining in the suite.

Working with a NICE guideline committee on:

  • protocol and evidence review development
  • health economic analysis
  • recommendations and rationale
  • guideline preparation and publication
  • supporting dissemination of guidelines in the suite
  • providing feedback on implementation
  • assisting with consolidation of recommendations across NICE cancer guidelines
  • source of informal advice and topic expertise.

Areas where we may have opportunities for speciality trainee registrars to undertake a clinical fellowship include:

  • cancer
  • cardiometabolic disease prevention and treatment
  • mental health
  • women’s and reproductive health.

An example of a recent opportunity was for a speciality doctor training in obstetrics/gynaecology (at ST5 or above) to work on updating evidence-based guidelines on the management of women’s and reproductive health.

If you are interested in potentially undertaking a clinical fellowship in one of the areas mentioned above, please contact Please include in the email your contact details, your background experience and the area you are interested in.

Register your interest 

We will be developing further training opportunities for health and care practitioners at NICE, particularly for those working in social care and nursing, so please check back for updates.

For further information please contact: