Recommendations for research

We have made the following recommendations for research, based on our review of evidence, to improve NICE guidance and patient care in the future.

2 Improving rates of identification and referral of potential donors

What are the key components of an intervention to improve identification and referral rates?

Why this is important

Currently, the evidence for improving identification and referral rates consists mainly of observational reports of complex interventions, with most studies being of limited follow-up. Further research is needed to identify the components, or combinations of components, of the interventions that are effective in increasing identification and referral rates. These studies should have an appropriate length of follow-up to ensure a sustained impact in the longer term.

4 The experience of consenting for organ donation

Does a positive experience of approach and process of consent for families increase consent rates?

Why this is important

It is generally accepted that if families have a more positive experience of the approach and process of consenting, then rates of consent will increase. However, no high-quality evidence was identified to support this perception. Further research is needed to confirm this assumption and, if true, to identify those components of the approach and process that are key to improving the experience, and hence the consent rate.