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Nutrition support in adults: oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral nutrition [CG32]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Recommendation: 1.5.6

People having oral nutrition support and/or enteral tube feeding in the community should be monitored by healthcare professionals with the relevant skills and training in nutritional monitoring. This group of people should be monitored every 3–6 months or more frequently if there is any change in their clinical condition. A limited number of observations and tests from Table 1 should be performed. Some of the clinical observations may be checked by patients or carers. If clinical progress is satisfactory, laboratory tests are rarely needed.

What was measured: Proportion of dietitians who reviewed people within 4 weeks to 6 months.
Data collection end: December 2017
Area covered: England
Source: Allmark, G.; Calder, P. C.; Marino, L. V. (2019) Research identified variation in nutrition practice by community prescribing dietitians with regards to the identification and management of malnutrition amongst community dwelling adults. Nutrition Research.

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