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Depression in adults: recognition and management [CG90]

Measuring the use of this guidance


"In addition to assessing symptoms and associated functional impairment, consider how the following factors may have affected the development, course and severity of a person's depression: any history of depression and comorbid mental health or physical disorders any past history of mood elevation (to determine if the depression may be part of bipolar disorder[6]) any past experience of, and response to, treatments the quality of interpersonal relationships living conditions and social isolation."

What was measured: Proportion of patients aged 18 or over with a new diagnosis of depression in the preceding 1 April to 31 March, who have had a bio-psychosocial assessment by the point of diagnosis. The completion of the assessment is to be recorded on the same day as the diagnosis is recorded.
Data collection end: March 2018
Number that met the criteria: 35110 / 560007
Area covered: England
Source: Indicators no longer in QOF (INLIQ)

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