The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issued full guidance to the NHS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Endoscopic transluminal pancreatic necrosectomy.


The pancreas produces juices that help to digest food. These digestive juices can attack the pancreas itself for example, if the tube that normally takes the juices to the gut becomes blocked, causing swelling of the pancreas and severe pain in the abdomen (acute pancreatitis). A serious complication of acute pancreatitis is pancreatic necrosis, which typically requires removal of the dead tissue, either by aspiration or open surgery. This procedure (transluminal endoscopic pancreatic necrosectomy) is an alternative treatment option. A thin telescope (called an endoscope) is inserted through the mouth, and, instruments are passed through the stomach wall, in order to wash out and remove the dead tissue.

Coding recommendations

J57.6 Pancreatic necrosectomy

Y76.3 Endoscopic approach to other body cavity or Y76.4 Endoscopic ultrasound approach to other body cavity

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