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Fractures (non-complex): assessment and management [NG38]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Recommendation: 1.4.1

In the non‑surgical orthopaedic management of unimalleolar ankle fractures: advise immediate unrestricted weight‑bearing as tolerated arrange for orthopaedic follow‑up within 2 weeks if there is uncertainty about stability advise all patients to return for review if symptoms are not improving 6 weeks after injury.

What was measured: Proportion of people that were non-operatively managed who were instructed for early weight-bearing.
Data collection end: July 2017
Number that met the criteria: 428 / 531
Area covered: Local
Source: Collaborative, Bone (2019) Weight-bearing in ankle fractures: An audit of UK practice. Foot (Edinburgh, Scotland) 39: 28-36

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