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Increasing the uptake of HIV testing among black Africans in England [PH33]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Recommendation: 6

In line with British HIV Association (BHIVA) guidelines, all health professionals should routinely offer and recommend an HIV test to: men and women known to be from a country of high HIV prevalence men and women who report sexual contact abroad or in the UK with someone from a country of high HIV prevalence patients who have symptoms that may indicate HIV or where HIV is part of the differential diagnosis (see the BHIVA guidelines for a list of indicator diseases) patients diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection the sexual partners of men and women known to be HIV positive men who have disclosed that they have sexual contact with other men the female sexual contacts of men who have sex with men patients reporting a history of injecting drug use.

What was measured: Proportion of patients admitted to medical admissions unit who met NICE criteria and were offered a HIV test
Data collection end: July 2014
Number that met the criteria: 4 / 10
Area covered: Local
Source: Onen BLS (2015) HIV testing on the medical admissions unit. HIV Medicine, Conference (var.pagings): April.

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