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Antimicrobial stewardship [QS121]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Statement: 1

People with a self-limiting condition, as assessed by a primary care prescriber, receive advice about self‑management and adverse consequences of overusing antimicrobials.

Quality standard measure: Antimicrobial prescribing rates in primary care.
What was measured: Broad-spectrum cephalosporin, quinolone and co-amoxiclav class antibiotics prescribed in primary care as a percentage of prescribing of selected antibacterial drugs (British National Formulary section 5.1) by quarter (Jan-Mar).
Data collection end: March 2014
Number that met the criteria: 1040755 / 9819329
Data collection end: March 2015
Number that met the criteria: 990905 / 9989441
Data collection end: March 2016
Number that met the criteria: 805429 / 9475644
Data collection end: March 2017
Number that met the criteria: 772420 / 9204137
Data collection end: March 2018
Number that met the criteria: 741789 / 9136834
Area covered: England
Source: Public Health England: AMR local indicators

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