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Infection prevention and control [QS61]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Statement: 1

People are prescribed antibiotics in accordance with local antibiotic formularies as part of antimicrobial stewardship.

Quality standard measure: Antibiotic prescribing rates (primary and secondary care).
What was measured: Proportion of all prescribed antibiotic items from the cephalosporin, quinolone and co-amoxiclav class (Jan-Mar).
Data collection end: March 2014
Data collection end: March 2015
Data collection end: March 2016
Data collection end: March 2017
Data collection end: March 2018
Area covered: England
Source: Public Health England: AMR local indicators

Statement: 4

People who need a urinary catheter have their risk of infection minimised by the completion of specified procedures necessary for the safe insertion and maintenance of the catheter and its removal as soon as it is no longer needed.

Quality standard measure: Incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infection.
What was measured: Proportion of reported patients on May 31 who had an indwelling urinary catheter in place at any point in the last 72 hours and were being treated for a urinary tract infection.
Data collection end: May 2015
Data collection end: May 2016
Data collection end: May 2017
Data collection end: May 2018
Data collection end: May 2019
Area covered: England
Source: NHS Safety Thermometer: Classic

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