Quality standard

List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1 Adults aged 65 years and over have a full clinical assessment before a diagnosis of urinary tract infection is made.

Statement 2 Healthcare professionals do not use dipstick testing to diagnose urinary tract infections in adults with urinary catheters.

Statement 3 Men who have symptoms of an upper urinary tract infection are referred for urological investigation.

Statement 4 Adults with a urinary tract infection not responding to initial antibiotic treatment have a urine culture.

Statement 5 Healthcare professionals do not prescribe antibiotics to treat asymptomatic bacteriuria in adults with catheters and non‑pregnant women.

Statement 6 Healthcare professionals do not prescribe antibiotic prophylaxis to adults with long‑term indwelling catheters to prevent urinary tract infection unless there is a history of recurrent or severe urinary tract infection.

Quality statement 7 (placeholder) Treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection.