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Inhaler devices for routine treatment of chronic asthma in older children (aged 5–15 years) [TA38]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Recommendation: 1.4

On selection of an inhaler device, it is important that consideration is given to other aspects of asthma care that influence the effective delivery of inhaled therapy, including: •individual practical training in the use of the specific device •monitoring of effective inhaler technique and adherence to therapy •regular (i.e. no less than annual) review of inhaler needs, which may change over time with increasing age.

What was measured: Proportion of children aged 6-18 years admitted with a primary diagnosis of asthma who had the inhaler technique element of the discharge bundle completed.
Data collection end: October 2017
Number that met the criteria: 106 / 131
Area covered: UK
Source: Royal College of Physicians. Asthma Audit Development Project. Phase 2. Final report

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