2 Information about icosapent ethyl

Marketing authorisation indication

2.1 Icosapent ethyl (Vazkepa, Amarin Corporation) is indicated 'to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events in adult statin-treated patients at high cardiovascular risk with elevated triglycerides (≥150 mg/dL [1.7mmol/l]) and:

  • established cardiovascular disease, or

  • diabetes, and at least on other cardiovascular risk factor'.

Dosage in the marketing authorisation

2.2 The dosage schedule is available in the summary of product characteristics for icosapent ethyl.


2.3 Icosapent ethyl costs £144.21 per pack of 120 capsules (excluding VAT; company submission). Costs may vary in different settings because of negotiated procurement discounts.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)