Before you become pregnant

Before you become pregnant

Women with chronic high blood pressure

If you take drugs for chronic high blood pressure and are planning a pregnancy or have just found out that you are pregnant, your doctor should check whether these drugs are safe for you to take during your pregnancy. You may be advised to switch to another type of blood pressure drug until you have had your baby.

You should limit the amount of salt in your diet to help reduce your blood pressure.

Because there isn't enough evidence to show they are effective, the following supplements are not recommended as a means of preventing high blood pressure during pregnancy: magnesium, folic acid, antioxidants (vitamins C and E), fish or algal oils, or garlic.

If you had chronic high blood pressure before you became pregnant, or you develop it in early pregnancy, you should be offered treatment to keep your blood pressure within the range that is best for you. Your treatment will depend on what drugs you are already taking, any side effects, and the possible effects on your baby.

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