During labour and birth

During labour and birth

All women with high blood pressure

You should continue to take your blood pressure drugs while you are in labour. Your blood pressure should be checked every hour, or continually if it is very high.

If your blood pressure is very high your doctor may advise you to have an operative birth, which is a birth in which instruments are used to help the baby be born. These may be forceps, which are tongs that cradle the baby's head, or a ventouse, which is a cup that is fitted on top of the baby's head and uses suction. If you are not having an operative birth your doctor may offer you a caesarean section.

If your high blood pressure becomes severe or you develop pre-eclampsia your doctor will offer to admit you to hospital and may advise you to have your baby early by induction of labouror caesarean section

For more information on caesarean section and pre-eclampsia, see the section on Women with pre-eclampsia.

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