Update information

Update information

September 2019: Recommendations and have been updated by section 1.10 on mode of birth in NICE's guideline on twin and triplet pregnancy.

August 2019: Recommendation on patient-controlled analgesia after caesarean section has been withdrawn because of safety concerns and changes in practice in the UK. We will be looking at analgesia after caesarean section as part of the update of this guideline.

April 2019: Recommendation has been updated by recommendation 1.3.21 in the NICE guideline on surgical site infections.

August 2012: Recommendations and have been removed from this guideline. The topic 'place of birth' is now covered in the NICE guideline on intrapartum care.

Minor updates since publication

June 2018: The advice on which analgesia to use for post-operative pain was updated.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)