What you can expect from your care

What you can expect from your care

Your care will be provided by an antenatal healthcare team, which may include midwives, your GP or an obstetrician.

During your pregnancy your midwife or doctor should give you information about caesarean section based on the best available evidence, including:

  • common reasons for needing a caesarean section

  • what the procedure involves

  • the risks and benefits of caesarean section compared with vaginal birth

  • how having a caesarean section might affect any future pregnancies and your chances of having a vaginal birth in future.

Your midwife or doctor should encourage you to ask questions if there is anything you do not understand, and discuss them with you.

Questions to ask your healthcare team

  • Can you tell me more about caesarean section?

  • Can I request a caesarean section?

  • Are there any risks to my health, and to my baby's health, of having a caesarean section?

  • How can I reduce my chances of having a caesarean section?

  • Why might I need an unplanned caesarean section?

  • What might happen if I choose not to have a caesarean section?

  • How might having a caesarean section affect my fertility and any future pregnancies?

  • Can I talk to another woman who's had a caesarean section?

  • Are there any support organisations in my local area?

  • Can you provide any information for my family?

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