Clinical case scenarios slide set

These clinical case scenarios are aimed primarily at obstetricians, but may be of use to midwives and other healthcare professionals involved with maternity care.  They are designed to help improve and assess users’ knowledge of the updated guideline CG132 on Caesarean section and its application to practice in four key areas: morbidly adherent placenta, maternal request for caesarean section, HIV and viral load status relating to caesarean section, and information for women who have had a caesarean section and are planning mode of delivery in a subsequent pregnancy.

The content is available in a PDF document which may be useful for individual use and a PowerPoint presentation to help facilitate group learning.  The PowerPoint presentation can be used in addition to or incorporated into the standard slide set on this topic.


These resources are implementation tools and should be used alongside the published guidance. The information does not supersede or replace the guidance itself.

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This page was last updated: 14 December 2011