Developing a multi-agency local autism team implementation pack

Implementing NICE guidelines on autism (CG128, CG142 and CG170)

This pack has been developed to help senior professionals from different disciplines and organisations work together to create a multi-agency autism team that best meets local needs. It is aimed at local autism leads, multi-agency strategy groups (referred to in the NICE guidance as an autism strategy group) and any other decision-makers responsible for the development of autism services.

If your area does not yet have a multi-agency strategy group, this pack will help you to determine who needs to be involved in the strategy group, and if there is an existing forum that can fulfil this function. The pack also includes a set of resources, including case study examples of existing services, a local autism team information sheet, a slide set, and audit tools for adult and children’s services, that can be used to structure practical sessions, involving the multi-agency strategy group members, which will help you to develop a local autism team as referenced in NICE guidelines.

This page was last updated: 21 January 2014