Taking your child to hospital

Taking your child to hospital

If you have taken your child directly to the hospital (or you have been referred), your child should be examined by a healthcare professional as described in working out the cause of the fever.

While in hospital, your child may have their blood and urine tested. Your healthcare professional may also want to carry out some additional tests, such as a chest X-ray or lumbar puncture. If so, they should explain these tests to you and the reasons for doing them.

Your healthcare professional may want to keep your child in hospital for a few hours to see if their symptoms get better or worse. They may ask you if they can give paracetamol or ibuprofen to help make your child feel more comfortable or to help get a clearer idea of your child's symptoms. Your child should be re-examined 1–2 hours after this medicine has been given. If your child is very unwell or younger than 3 months, your healthcare professional may ask you if they can give your child an injection of antibiotics while they carry out further tests.

When your healthcare professional is confident that your child is well enough to go home, they should advise you how to look after your child and when to seek further advice (see seeking further advice).

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