4 The Guideline Development Group, Internal Clinical Guidelines Team, and NICE project team 2013

4 The Guideline Development Group, Internal Clinical Guidelines Team, and NICE project team 2013

4.1 The Guideline Development Group 2013

Damien Longson (Chair)
Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust

Harry Allen
Consultant Psychiatrist for the Elderly, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Senel Arkut
Strategic & Operational Social Care Manager, London Borough of Brent

Elizabeth Caroline Brown
Principle Physiotherapist in Medicine, University Hospital of North Staffordshire

Harm Gordijn
Falls Prevention Co-ordinator, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Frances Healy
Head of Clinical Review and Response, National Patient Safety Agency

Ray Jankowski
Deputy Director of Public Health, NHS Hertfordshire PCT

Rosemary Leaf
Patient and carer member

JoAnne Panitzke-Jones
Senior Commissioning Manager, Torbay Care Trust

Opinder Sahota
Professor in Orthogeriatric Medicine & Consultant Physician

Lindsay Smith
GP, East Somerset Research Consortium

Cameron Swift
Emeritus Professor of Health Care of the Elderly & Honorary Emeritus Consultant Physician in General Internal Medicine

John Taylor
Patient and carer member

Julie Windsor
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

4.2 Internal Clinical Guidelines Technical Team

An Internal Clinical Guidelines Technical team was responsible for this guideline throughout its development. It prepared information for the Guideline Development Group, drafted the guideline and responded to consultation comments.

Nicole Elliott
Associate Director

Michael Heath
Programme Manager

Dylan Jones
Technical Adviser

Jenny Kendrick
Information Specialist

Stephanie Mills
Project Manager

Gabriel Rogers
Technical Adviser (Health Economics)

Toni Tan
Technical Adviser

Steven Ward
Technical Analyst (Health Economics)

Sheryl Warttig
Technical Analyst

4.3 NICE Centre for Clinical Practice

Phil Alderson
Associate Director

Ben Doak
Guideline Commissioning Manager (from January 2013)

Elaine Clydesdale
Guideline Coordinator (from February 2013)

Laura Donegani
Guideline Coordinator (until February 2013)

Jasdeep Hayre
Technical Lead (Health Economics)

Lyn Knott

Rachel Ryle
Guideline Commissioning Manager (until January 2013)

Nichole Taske
Technical Lead

Erin Whittingham
Project Manager, Public Involvement Programme

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)