Update information

Update information

December 2020: We reviewed our guidance on opioids for non-cancer pain in response to a Public Health England evidence review on dependence on, and withdrawal from, prescribed medicines. We added links in recommendation 1.5.2 to other NICE guidelines that support discussion with patients about opioid prescribing, and safe withdrawal management.

February 2014: We have reviewed the evidence and made new recommendations on diagnosis, follow up, referral for surgery, nutraceuticals hyaluronan and acupuncture. These recommendations are marked [2014].

We have also made some changes without an evidence review to clarify terms. These recommendations are marked [2008, amended 2014].

Recommendations marked [2008] last had an evidence review in 2008. In some cases minor changes have been made to the wording to bring the language and style up to date, without changing the meaning.

Minor changes since publication

April 2022: We added a link to NICE's guideline on medicines associated with dependence or withdrawal symptoms in the section on oral analgesics.

October 2021: We added a link to NICE's guideline on shared decision making in recommendations 1.2.2 and 1.5.2.

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