Other complications

Other complications

Bone disease

Kidneys play an important role in keeping your bones healthy. If you have advanced chronic kidney disease (category G4 or G5), you might develop problems with your bones over the long term. This is called renal bone disease.

Your healthcare professionals should carry out tests for bone disease and discuss the results with you if you need treatment or further checks.


Kidneys have an important role in keeping your blood healthy. People with chronic kidney disease may develop anaemia. This happens when you don't have enough red cells (which carry oxygen around your body) in your blood.

If you have category G3b, G4 or G5 chronic kidney disease, you should be offered a blood test to see if you have anaemia. If you have anaemia, it might not be caused by the kidney disease – there are many other possible causes of anaemia.

See Other NICE guidance for details of our guidance on treating anaemia in people with chronic kidney disease.

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