Questions to ask about chronic kidney disease

These questions may help you discuss your condition or the treatments you have been offered with your healthcare team.

About your chronic kidney disease

  • Can you tell me more about chronic kidney disease?

  • Why is chronic kidney disease important? How important is it for me?

  • How might having chronic kidney disease affect my life?

  • Are there any support organisations in my local area?

  • Can you provide any information for my family/carers?

Finding out what's wrong (diagnosis)

  • Can you tell me more about the tests/investigations you've offered me?

  • What do these tests involve?

  • Where will these be carried out? Will I need to have them in hospital?

  • How long will I have to wait until I have these tests?

  • How will I get the results of my blood tests and how long will it take to get them?

  • What do my test results mean?

  • What is the cause of my chronic kidney disease?

  • What does my category of chronic kidney disease mean for me?

  • Why do I need a scan? What will happen if I decide not to have a scan?

Management, treatment and support

  • What treatments are available for chronic kidney disease?

  • Can you tell me why you have decided to offer me this particular type of treatment?

  • What are the pros and cons of this treatment?

  • What will it involve?

  • How will it help me? What effect will it have on my symptoms and everyday life? What sort of improvements might I expect?

  • How long will it take to have an effect?

  • Are there any risks or side effects associated with this treatment?

  • What are my options for taking treatments other than the one you have offered me?

  • Do I need to have treatment? What will happen if I don't?

  • Is there some other information (like a leaflet, DVD or a website I can go to) about the treatment that I can have?

  • What can I do to help manage my chronic kidney disease?

  • Are there changes I can make to my lifestyle that will help?

  • What support is available to help me cope with and adjust to having chronic kidney disease?

  • Will my kidney disease affect treatments for other conditions I have?

  • Are there any medications I should avoid?

  • What should I tell the pharmacist if I am buying non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications?

Checking for worsening disease (progression)

  • What might happen if my chronic kidney disease gets worse?

  • Am I likely to need dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant?

  • How will I know if my kidney disease is getting worse?

  • Can you give me more details about the tests I should have?

  • My category of chronic kidney disease has changed, what does this mean?

For family members, friends or carers

  • What can I/we do to help and support the person with chronic kidney disease?

  • Is there any additional support that I/we as carer(s) might benefit from or be entitled to?

  • What should I/we do if the person with chronic kidney disease is unwell? Do I/we need to be aware of the medications they are taking?

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