Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will not update the guideline on pneumonia in adults.

Reasons for the decision

New evidence was found on severity assessment tools for use in secondary care that was in line with that considered during guideline development.

Evidence was found for the following areas within the guideline scope but outside current recommendations, which was considered insufficient to update the guideline: lung ultrasound, adjunctive treatment with coenzyme Q10.

Evidence from a Cochrane review was found that was not in line with the guideline. The findings indicate that glucocorticoids may be effective as an adjunctive treatment of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). After a detailed review of the results, it became clear that the majority of studies included in the review had already been considered during guideline development and judged not applicable to a UK setting. However, 2 UK-based ongoing trials in this area are being monitored and will be assessed for any impact on the guideline upon publication.

For further details and a summary of all evidence identified in surveillance, see appendix A.

This page was last updated: 31 October 2018