About this information

NICE gives advice to doctors, nurses and other staff about how to look after people with different health conditions. This information is about the care that NICE says works best for children and young people who have depression. You, your parents or carers and the staff providing your care should know about what NICE has said.

This information explains the advice about treating depression in children (aged 5–11) and young people (aged 12–18) that is set out in NICE guideline CG28.

This is an update of advice on depression in children and young people that NICE produced in 2005.

Does this information apply to me?

Yes, if you are aged 5–18 and have depression, or you have a child with depression.

The information is written with the child or young person in mind. It may also help parents, friends and guardians understand and explain the treatments children and young people can expect to receive.

There is a section for parents, which includes information on specific treatments for younger children (aged 5–11).

There is also further information on the support that you as a parent can expect to receive.

Throughout this information the doctors, counsellors and others you might see about your depression are called 'professionals'.