2 Implementation

2.1 The NHS

The Healthcare Commission assesses the performance of NHS organisations in meeting core and developmental standards set by the Department of Health in 'Standards for better health', issued in July 2004. Implementation of clinical guidelines forms part of the developmental standard D2. Core standard C5 says that national agreed guidance should be taken into account when NHS organisations are planning and delivering care.

NICE has developed tools to help organisations implement this guidance.

2.2 Other audiences and settings

The guidance also makes recommendations for the following audiences and settings:

  • public bodies – including local authorities; government, government agencies and arm's length bodies; schools, colleges and childcare in early years settings; forces, prisons and police service

  • private and voluntary organisations

    • large employers (more than 250 employees)

    • small and medium employers (less than 50 and less than 250 employees, respectively)

  • the general public including parents, and the media and others providing advice for different population groups.