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September 2016: A change was made to research recommendation 1 to correct the period covered by 4 courses of ulipristal acetate from 16 months to 20 months.

August 2016: This guideline is an update of NICE guideline CG44 (published January 2007).

New recommendations have been added on treatments for women with heavy menstrual bleeding associated with uterine fibroids. These are marked as [new 2016].

Where recommendations end [2007], the evidence has not been reviewed since the original guideline.

Where recommendations end [2007, amended 2016], the evidence has not been reviewed but changes have been made to the recommendation wording that change the meaning. An explanation of the reasons for the changes is given in the table below.

Recommendations that have been changed

Amended recommendation wording (change to meaning)

Recommendation in 2007 guideline

Recommendation in current guideline

Reason for change



A row has been added to the table in recommendation 1.3.4 that includes information about the potential unwanted outcomes for ulipristal acetate (see [new 2016] recommendations 1.5.11 and 1.5.12). Date labels have been included in each row of the table to denote when the information was added (that is, a label of [2007] means that the information about potential unwanted outcomes has not been updated since 2007).

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