Presenter slides

This second edition of this slide set was created in December 2012 to incorporate details of the NICE Quality standard, NICE Pathways and NHS Evidence. The source guidance that the presentation is based on has not changed.

The slide set and notes for presenters provide a framework for discussing the NICE guidance with a range of audiences. It can be tailored for local audiences and circumstances. Please note that the slide set contains key messages – it does not cover all the recommendations.

How to use NICE slide sets

Planning your presentation

  • Agree the objectives of the session, based on your target audience.
  • Consider how much time you have available.
  • Choose your slides – you can edit this slide set and incorporate slides from other presentations.
  • Leave enough time for questions.
  • Make sure you have copies of the NICE guidance recommendations available.  
  • Check the guidance, think of questions participants might raise and where you can get the answers from.

This resource is an implementation tool and should be used alongside the published guidance. The information does not supersede or replace the guidance itself.
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