Appendix A: The Guideline Development Group

Chair: Professor Richard Baker
Head of Department, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Mr Richard Eddleston
Patient Representative, Nottingham

Mrs Ute Elliott
Patient Representative, Sheffield

Ms Tanya Harrison (resigned August 2007)
Patient Representative, Norfolk

Ms Jessica Bavinton
Physiotherapist, London

Dr Esther Crawley
Consultant Paediatrician, Bath

Dr Tony Downes
General Practitioner, North East Wales

Dr Richard Grünewald
Consultant Neurologist, Sheffield

Dr William Hamilton
General Practitioner/Researcher, Bristol

Mrs Judith Harding
Dietitian, Essex

Dr Frederick Nye
Infectious Disease Consultant Physician, Liverpool

Ms Amanda O'Donovan
Clinical Psychologist, London

Dr Alastair Santhouse
Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, London

Dr Julia C Smedley
Consultant Occupational Health Physician, Southampton

Dr David Vickers
Consultant Paediatrician, Cambridge

Mrs Gillian Walsh
Nurse, Manchester

Ms Carol Wilson
Occupational Therapist, Falmouth

Dr Philip MD Wood
Consultant Immunologist, Leeds

Members of the GDG from the National Collaborating Centre for Primary Care (NCC-PC)

Nancy Turnbull
Chief Executive and Project Lead, NCC-PC

Ms Elizabeth Shaw
Deputy Chief Executive and Reviewer, NCC-PC

Mr Gary Britton
Health Services Research Fellow (from August 2006), NCC-PC

NCC-PC technical team

Miss Nicola Costin
Project Manager and Researcher (until June 2006), NCC-PC

Ms Sarah Dunsdon
Project Manager and Researcher (from August 2006 until February 2007), seconded to the NCC‑PC

Mr Richard Norman
Health Economist (until July 2006), NCC-PC

Ms Stefanie Kuntze
Health Economist (from December 2006), NCC-PC

Ms Yolanda Jozephs
Administrator (until August 2006), NCC-PC

Mrs Karina Ramos

Administrator (from March 2007), NCC-PC

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