Confirmation of consultation period

The consultation period for the CFS/ME guideline ends on Friday 24 November.

NICE has been contacted by a small number of stakeholder organisations who have asked us to clarify the approach that NICE takes to managing stakeholder submissions. 

The arrangements we have in place for receiving comments from stakeholders by web proforma are explained in our published guide and stakeholders have been advised of them. The reason we operate a structured approach is to ensure that each comment made by stakeholders can receive an individual response, which will be published on our web site. We receive many responses resulting, in some cases, of thousands of individual comments. It would simply not be possible to handle written consultation comments within the guideline development timeline in any other way.

If stakeholders choose to make a submission other than through the web proforma, it will be read by the guideline developers but it will not receive a written response.

All responses from stakeholders and individuals are valuable contributions to the development of this guideline and we are grateful to those organisations and individuals who send them to us.

This page was last updated: 30 March 2010