Information for the public

About this information

NICE clinical guidelines advise the NHS on caring for people with specific conditions or diseases and the treatments they should receive. The information applies to people using the NHS in England and Wales.

This information explains the advice about the care of people with chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also called myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy), that is set out in NICE clinical guideline 53.

Throughout this information we refer to the condition as CFS/ME for short.

Does this information apply to me?

Yes, if you have CFS/ME, or are the parent or carer of someone (5 years and older) with CFS/ME.

The advice in the NICE guideline does not specifically look at:

  • how to treat fatigue in people who have had a diagnosis of CFS/ME ruled out

  • treating other illnesses or conditions the patient has as well as CFS/ME

  • highly specialised treatments, or treatments that are under development.