Update information

Update information

January 2019: Recommendation on rubella screening has been withdrawn, as this is no longer offered on the NHS.

December 2018: Recommendations– have been replaced with a link to advice from the UK's Chief Medical Officers on low-risk drinking.

January 2017: A footnote was added to recommendation linking to the NICE diagnostics guidance on high-throughput non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal RHD genotype.

March 2016: Recommendations– have been deleted as the guideline they were taken from has since been updated. For guidance on assessing risk of gestational diabetes, see the section on risk assessment in the NICE guideline on diabetes in pregnancy.

December 2014: Recommendations to were replaced by recommendations in the NICE guideline on antenatal and postnatal mental health.

November 2014: Recommendation was updated to take into account NICE's guideline on vitamin D: supplement use in specific population groups.

June 2010: The recommendations about smoking in pregnancy in section 1.3.10 have been further developed in NICE's guideline on smoking: stopping in pregnancy and after childbirth. We have removed the following recommendation from the antenatal care guideline: Women who are unable to quit smoking during pregnancy should be encouraged to reduce smoking.

March 2008: This guideline partially updates and replaces NICE Guideline CG6. Recommendations from the update are labelled [2008]. All other recommendations are from the original 2003 guideline.

Minor updates since publication

October 2016: The way recommendations from the 2008 update are labelled was changed to avoid confusion that they could be from later updates.

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