Antenatal care: Assessment tool - (consultation)

Antenatal care (partial update) assessment tool ? Consultation

The clinical practice guideline on Antenatal care for use in the NHS in England and Wales is being partially updated by NICE. The scope for the guideline update includes the development of an assessment tool to help identify women for whom additional care is recommended.. This tool will enable women to be given advice about which pathway and types of care are most likely to suit their needs.

In the full guideline it has been possible to agree the basis of an assessment tool, though, it requires further refinement and validation before it can be applied in practice. This is explained in more detail in chapter 14 of the full guideline.

We are now consulting upon the results from the consensus work which has taken place to inform the development of this tool.

Although individuals and organisations not registered as stakeholders are able to comment, we recommend that you contact the registered stakeholder organisation that most closely represents your interests and pass your comments to them. We work closely with stakeholder organisations and take their views very seriously.

Note that the provisional updated recommendations presented here do not constitute the Institute's formal guidance on this topic. The recommendations are provisional and may change after consultation.

Consultation dates:  9 October 2007 ? 3 December 2007

Consultation documents

  • Antenatal care assessment tool
  • Chapter 14 of the draft antenatal care full guideline
  • Comments proforma

Please note that this consultation is separate to that on the Antenatal care draft guideline consultation, which is running between 4 September and 29 October 2007.

Points to consider in the consultation

Please comment on the basis for the new assessment tool only. Recommendations in the Antenatal care guideline are being consulted on separately (please see above).

How to submit your comments

Please use the comments proforma and return by email to or on a disk to:

Adelle McGill
Project Manager - CCP
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
MidCity Place
71 High Holborn

The Institute is unable to accept:

  • Comments relating to recommendations that have not been updated
  • More than one response per stakeholder organisation
  • Comments received after the consultation deadline
  • Comments that are not on the correct proforma
  • Confidential information or other material that you would not wish to be made public
  • Personal medical information about yourself or another person from which your or the person?s identity could be ascertained.

What will happen to your comments:

  • All comments (with the exception of personal, individual comments) will be sent to the developers at the end of the consultation
  • Comment from registered stakeholders ONLY will be formally responded to by the developers and posted on the NICE website after the final guideline is published
  • Personal, individual comments will be forwarded to the Patient and Public Involvement Programme for NICE, who will consider them when making their response.

Acknowledgement of comments:

You should receive an automated acknowledgement from the email box when you email your comments.  If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please contact the relevant Guidelines Coordinator to ensure your comments have been safely received.

Anticipated publication date: March 2008

Further  information

  • More information on NICE?s guideline development process 

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