Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will plan a full update of this guideline.

Reason for the decision

Since NICE guideline CG62 was placed on the static list in 2014, a number of issues relating to the recommendations have been made known to us. These include:

These issues were discussed in full with topic experts and it was agreed that NICE guideline CG62's position on the static list is no longer justified. The guideline (first published 2003 and partially updated in 2008) needs to be updated using new methodology and revisions are needed to direct users to a range of updated screening policies and relevant vaccination programmes. In addition, topic experts highlighted a number of areas that they felt might need updating or need to be considered for inclusion such as (but not limited to), timing of appointments, information giving, management of women with pre-existing conditions (including how generic NICE guidance interfaces with the pregnancy guidelines), pre-conception advice and planning, and greater emphasis on mental health and social factors, linking where relevant to other NICE guidance. We did not search for new evidence relating to other clinical areas in the guideline as part of this focused surveillance. A full scoping exercise is needed to determine whether the current focus of the guideline remains applicable to current practice and what additional areas should be covered.

Other clinical areas

This exceptional surveillance review was carried out to allow us to consider the impact of the issues described above on the guideline recommendations. We did not search for new evidence relating to this guideline as part of this focused surveillance.


No equalities issues were identified during the surveillance process.

Overall decision

After considering the new evidence and views of topic experts, we decided that a full update is necessary for this guideline.

See how we made the decision for further information.

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