Surgical Site Infections - decision to withdraw current draft

Following stakeholder consultation on the draft of this guideline, the decision was made that further development work needs to be undertaken to ensure that the guideline addresses the key clinical needs within the topic area. The current Guideline Development Group do not have representation of all relevant clinical constituencies in order to do this work.

NICE, The National Collaborating Centre (NCC-NSC) and the GDG Chair, after considerable discussion and consideration of options, have agreed that current development should stop. NICE have reluctantly decided to stand down the current membership of the GDG and to appoint a new group to work on the next stages of such reshaping.

On 1 September 2006, NICE met with current GDG members and the NCC to discuss the clinical issues which are useful for inclusion in the next stage of development work, and also to identify the lessons that can be learnt from this experience. The timing of the involvement of the GDG in the Scope, the responsibility of stakeholder organisations in proposing representation on the GDG and in providing timely feedback on scope consultation were all identified as key lessons. NICE acknowledges the hard work that has gone into the Guideline to date and thanks the GDG and the NCC-NSC for its contribution and commitment to this work.

Due to work programme commitments, it will not be possible for technical support to be provided by the National Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Supportive Care (NCC-NSC). NICE are currently commissioning another team of developers and a new GDG to complete the guideline, building on the work which has already been undertaken.

This will significantly extend the timeline for the production of the guideline. Once developers have been commissioned, a revised timeline for the development of the guideline will be published on the NICE website.

This page was last updated: 30 March 2010