Slide set


This slide set is an implementation tool and should be used alongside the published guidance. This information does not supersede or replace the guidance itself.

Planning your presentation

  • Agree the objectives of the session, based on your target audience. Consider how much time you have available.
  • Choose your slides – you can edit this slide set and incorporate slides from other presentations.
  • Leave enough time for questions.
  • Organise handouts, copies of the guideline.
  • Check the guideline, think of questions participants might raise and where you can get the answers from.

Sending us feedback

We would welcome feedback on how useful this slide has been. Please email your comments to 

 Please note that some elements of the slide set may not function correctly when opened within Internet Explorer. Please save the presentation to your PC by clicking on the link below and selecting the 'Save' option or by right clicking and selecting 'Save Target As' from the popup menu. You will then be able to open the slide set in PowerPoint and be able to view the presenter notes as well as edit the slide set for your own purposes. 

This page was last updated: 08 April 2009