3 Other information

3.1 Scope and how this guideline was developed

The scope for the 2010 guideline covers the recommendations labelled [2010]. The recommendations labelled [2015] have been produced during the update.

How this guideline was developed

The 2010 guideline was developed by the National Clinical Guideline Centre for Acute and Chronic Conditions (now the National Clinical Guideline Centre following the merger of National Collaborating Centres). The Collaborating Centre worked with a Guideline Development Group, comprising healthcare professionals (including consultants, GPs and nurses), patients and carers, and technical staff, which reviewed the evidence and drafted the recommendations. The recommendations were finalised after public consultation.

NICE's Clinical Guidelines Update Programme updated this guideline in 2015. This guideline was updated using a Standing Committee of healthcare professionals, methodologists and lay members from a range of disciplines and localities, as well as topic experts.

The methods and processes for developing NICE clinical guidelines can be found here.

3.2 Related NICE guidance

See the embolism and thrombosis page on the NICE website for related NICE guidance.

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