We use the best available evidence to develop recommendations that guide decisions in health, public health and social care.

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Critical assessment of evidence to help you make decisions. Advice, rather than formal NICE guidance.

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Resources to help deliver services during the pandemic

Supporting information

We've brought together guidance, resources and other information that may help you.

Clinical knowledge summaries

We've updated our summaries of current evidence for primary care professionals with some information about COVID-19. This is largely based on guidance from Public Health England.

RAPID C-19 initiative

We're part of the research to access pathway for investigational drugs for COVID-19 (RAPID-C19), a collaboration that aims to get treatments to patients quickly and safely.

NHSE&I specialty guides

These guides are aimed at specialists working in hospitals in England during the pandemic. They aim to help departments continue essential care for patients while supporting the wider hospital and community to provide care for people with COVID-19.

Using wider sources of data and evidence in our work

A guide for internal developers and external collaborators on assessing the quality of wider sources of data and evidence in our guidance.

Evidence standards framework for tests (PDF)

A 3-stage approach to help anyone working on testing for COVID-19 to collect the best possible data and evidence while tests are being quickly developed and validated.

Support for developers of medicinal products

A guide to evidence collection for medicines, plus free scientific advice for researchers developing novel diagnostics or therapeutics for COVID-19.

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Shared learning

Examples of how our guidance and standards have been put into practice in the NHS, local authorities, voluntary sector and a range of other organisations.

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