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Expected publication 23 February 2022

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Project lead Donna Barnes

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Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
17 November 2021 Committee meeting: 2
13 October 2021 - 03 November 2021 Diagnostics consultation
16 September 2021 Committee meeting: 1
04 May 2021 Stakeholder list updated
07 April 2021 Following consideration of evidence identified during the scoping stage of the assessment on the use of EarlyCDT Lung in the clinical population that is defined in the scope, NICE believes that it will not be beneficial to develop an economic model to assess the cost effectiveness of the technology at this time. We are aware of the clinical interest in this area. We believe that identifying areas for further research and encouraging data collection would be useful to the system and could facilitate an assessment of the cost effectiveness in the future. The final guidance, will therefore focus on identifying areas for further research/ data collection, but will not make recommendations on cost effectiveness at this stage.
26 February 2021 Scope published
16 November 2020 - 18 December 2020 Specialist committee member recruitment
16 November 2020 Launch

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