NICE has been notified about this procedure and it is part of its work programme. The Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee (IPAC) will consider this procedure and NICE will issue an interventional procedures consultation document about its safety and efficacy for 4 weeks’ public consultation. IPAC will then review the consultation document in the light of comments received and produce a final interventional procedures document, which will be considered by NICE before guidance is issued to the NHS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
Status In progress
Process IP
ID number 972
Description A delivery catheter is introduced into a large vein (usually the femoral vein) under local anaesthesia. Under radiological guidance, the catheter is used to pass a small pressure sensor through the heart and into a suitable branch of the pulmonary artery. The pressure sensor is deployed and the delivery catheter removed. Data on pulmonary artery pressure (PAP), such as pressure trend information and PAP waveforms, are transmitted from the sensor to an external monitor in the patient’s home. The monitor securely transmits the data to a remote database from where the information can be accessed by the HF team. Collection and transmission of data are usually done by the patient daily or more frequently if required by the HF team. This procedure allows the provision of data to guide the management of CHF, with the aim of reducing hospitalisations caused by HF.

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Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
22 July 2021 - 19 August 2021 Interventional procedure consultation

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