Intermediate care including reablement: Draft guidance consultation

You can now review and comment on this draft guideline.

The consultation closes on Friday 26 May 2017 at 5pm

How to comment

1. Register your organisation

Your organisation needs to be registered as a stakeholder before we can accept comments.

Not eligible? Contact the stakeholder organisation that most closely represents your interests and pass your comments to them.

2. Read the consultation documents

Documents to comment on:

If you want to review the economic model, please see 5. Economic models below and fill in the confidentiality form.

Other information about the consultation

3. Add your comments

  • You must use the consultation Comments form.
  • You must declare any links with, or funding from, the tobacco industry

If you share similar views with another organisation, send a joint response.

Questions to consider at consultation:

  1. Which areas will have the biggest impact on practice and be challenging to implement? Please say for whom and why.

  2. Would implementation of any of the draft recommendations have significant cost implications?

  3. What would help users overcome any challenges? (For example, existing practical resources or national initiatives, or examples of good practice.)

  4. Recommendation 1.2.6 recommends that home-based intermediate care is the preferred approach. Are local services configured or being reconfigured to enable this? Please provide brief details of, or signposts to, examples or case studies of approaches to configuring intermediate care services.

  5. Recommendation 1.2.8 recommends offering reablement as a first option to people being considered for home care. Is this the approach used in your local area? Please provide brief details of, or signposts to, examples of the use of reablement at a local level.
  1. Recommendation 1.3.1 recommends that the time between a referral and an intermediate care service being started is no more than 2 working days. Is this the approach in your local area? How feasible is this in practice?

  2. Recommendation 1.3.10 recommends that crisis response intermediate care services should be initiated within 2 hours of a referral being made (on the premise that the referral is appropriate). Is this the approach in your local area? How feasible is this in practice?

 Developing NICE guidelines: how to get involved suggests some other areas to comment on.

4. Email the form to us


Deadline: Friday 26 May 2017, 5pm

5. Economic model

The Developer has produced an economic model to support the guideline on Intermediate care including reablement. To receive an executable version of this model, please submit a request to with a signed copy of the confidentiality acknowledgement and undertaking form.

We will then send you a link to an executable version of the economic model by email. The deadline for returning your comments is the same as for the guideline consultation: 26 May 2017.

Please note: 

  • Economic models and their contents are confidential and are protected by intellectual property rights, which are owned by the Developer. They can only be used to inform your understanding of the guideline. They should not be used to inform the development of other economic models, and should not be re-run except to test reliability.

 As set out on the confidentiality form:

  • Models and their contents should only be shown to people in your organisation who need to see them to help you respond to the guideline consultation.
  • You must ensure that anyone you show the files to understands that they are bound by the terms of the confidentiality acknowledgment and undertaking form.
  • You must not copy the files, and must delete them from your records on publication of the guideline.
  • You should not publish the model in whole or in part, or use them for any purpose other than participating in the consultation process.

This page was last updated: 18 April 2017