Status In progress
Decision Selected
Process STA pre-2018
ID number 1184

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Project lead Thomas Feist

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External Assessment Group Kleijnen Systematics Reviews


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
23 November 2017 The company has been unable to source all the necessary evidence on comparator technologies to provide a submission that meets the requirements of the scope for this appraisal within the required timelines. Therefore the company and NICE have mutually agreed to put the appraisal on hold. Consequently the discussion of this appraisal at the committee meeting on 5 December 2017 will not take place. We will update you on our progress and next steps for this appraisal as soon as possible.
07 July 2017 In progress. This appraisal has started
07 July 2017 Invitation to participate
21 April 2017 Referral

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