5 Safety

5 Safety

This section describes safety outcomes from the published literature that the Committee considered as part of the evidence about this procedure. For more detailed information on the evidence, see the interventional procedure overview.

5.1 Adverse events including syncope, dizziness, headache, nausea, gastritis, sweating and tachycardia were reported in 33% (17/51) of patients at the time of receiving an initial platelet-rich plasma injection in a randomised controlled trial of 78 patients treated by 1 platelet-rich plasma injection (n=26), 2 platelet-rich plasma injections (n=25) or placebo (n=23) (no further details available).

5.2 Pain and stiffness in the knee, which lasted for up to 2 days, were reported in 14% (7/51) of patients who received a platelet-rich plasma injection in the randomised controlled trial of 78 patients. Mild swelling or pain in the knee, which resolved within 2 weeks, was reported in 63% (41/65) of patients in a prospective case series of 65 patients treated by platelet-rich plasma injections. In the same study, 'mild local heating' in the knee, which resolved within 1 week, was reported in 11% (7/65) of patients.

5.3 Specialist advisers described infection (septic arthritis) as an anecdotal adverse event.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)