4 Tips for adopting the UroLift system

4 Tips for adopting the UroLift system

  • Before implementation, collect baseline data on current surgical interventions and develop data collection mechanisms to monitor how the technology affects quality and safety, patient experience, productivity and improved clinical outcomes (see measuring success).

  • Ensure that care pathway mapping has been done to identify where the technology would fit into the proposed patient pathway. Clearly define the selection criteria and how many men will be expected to benefit from the introduction of the procedure.

  • Providers and commissioners will need to agree a local tariff for the procedure that supports adoption (see resource impact).

  • Oversee a trial period for training before doing the procedure independently to increase clinical confidence and efficiency (see education).

  • Develop robust protocols for procedure competence and ensure local governance arrangements are in place (see insights from the NHS).

This page was last updated: 27 April 2017