7 The technology

7 The technology

The UroLift system is a permanent prostatic implant that is designed to reduce lower urinary tract symptoms associated with BPH by widening the lumen of the urethra. The prostatic lobes are retracted using the UroLift device and secured in this compressed position. The procedure is minimally invasive compared with a traditional transurethral resection of prostate. Typically about 4 implants are used. The UroLift system comprises 2 single‑use components: a delivery device and an implant. A tailored cystoscope sheath and telescope for prostatic urethral lift procedures is required for deployment of the UroLift implant. The delivery device and implant is ordered directly from the manufacturer.

NeoTract Inc. 4473 Willow Road Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA.

UK phone number: 0330 088 9549.

Cost and procurement

At the time of publication, the current UK pricing is £2,405 plus VAT for the UroLift procedure. This includes the components shown in table 5.

Table 5: Components associated with the UroLift procedure



Medical (consultant staff costs)




Drugs (anaesthetic doses, saline and antibiotics)


Clinical supplies and services (includes pre and post‑operative tests and hospital bed‑day costs).


Equipment cost per procedure (assuming 4 UroLift systems comprising 1 delivery device with pre‑loaded implant per procedure)


Other (including complications and capital)




Note: costs are based on the economic model submitted by the company for the UroLift medical technology appraisal and revised by the external assessment group.

Costs may vary in different settings because of negotiated procurement discounts. Most commonly, 4 UroLift systems are used per procedure (on average, each procedure needs 4 implants). However, patients with larger or smaller prostates may need more or less.

A reusable cystoscope sheath and telescope set, suitable for use in prostatic urethral lift procedures, is needed to use the UroLift system. During the training and trial period (up to 1 year), the company provides this equipment on loan for free. Once training is completed, the equipment will need to be purchased or a loan agreed if not already available within the trust. One sterilised cystoscope is needed per patient although some surgeons may consider having a second available. The number of available cystoscopes may limit the number of patients that can have the procedure in 1 theatre session.

See the NICE costing statement to help calculate the local cost impact of adoption of the UroLift system.

For further details and more up‑to‑date costs, please contact the company.

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