2 NICE recommendations

2 NICE recommendations

The NICE medical technologies guidance recommends the following:

The case for adopting Peristeen for transanal irrigation in people with bowel dysfunction is supported by the evidence. Peristeen can reduce the severity of constipation and incontinence, improve quality of life and promote dignity and independence (recommendation 1.1).

Peristeen may not be suitable for all people with bowel dysfunction. It may take several weeks before a person is comfortable with using Peristeen, and some people may choose to stop using it. Peristeen is therefore most effective when it is offered with specialist training for users, carers and NHS staff, and structured patient support (recommendation 1.2).

Cost modelling for Peristeen is uncertain, but it is likely that Peristeen provides additional clinical benefits without costing more than standard bowel care (recommendation 1.3).

The specific recommendations on individual technologies are not intended to limit use of other relevant technologies which may offer similar advantages.

This page was last updated: 28 January 2019