4 Tips for adoption

4 Tips for adoption

Contributors to this resource considered the following to be important:

  • Forming an implementation project team with representation from staff groups along the care pathway and with support from directorate and finance management.

  • Care pathway mapping to identify quality and efficiency aspects of the care pathway that could be changed to get the most benefit from adopting Thopaz+. Importantly, this includes developing a drain removal protocol.

  • Agreeing and formalising the cycle of use of reusable Thopaz+ units to ensure they are available when needed and not lost or discarded accidentally.

  • Liaising with the company to provide initial training for all staff involved in the care pathway, tailored to roles and responsibilities. Selected staff should then be educated to become internal expert trainers to provide continued support and maintain standards.

  • Developing a business case, taking into the account the anticipated resource impact of using Thopaz+.

  • Developing data collection systems and methods to monitor the effect of using the technology. This data could be used to support future business cases for Thopaz+.

This page was last updated: 12 March 2019