Finding more information and resources

Finding more information and resources

You can see everything NICE says on community pharmacies in our interactive flowchart on community pharmacies: promoting health and wellbeing.

To find out what NICE has said on topics related to this guideline, see our web pages on: alcohol, behaviour change, diet, nutrition and obesity, drug misuse, mental health and wellbeing, physical activity, sexual health (contraception) and smoking and tobacco.

For full details of the evidence and the guideline committee's discussions, see the evidence reviews. You can also find information about how the guideline was developed, including details of the committee.

NICE has produced tools and resources to help you put this guideline into practice, including a list of educational resources and programmes, which may help when training staff to implement this guideline. For general help and advice on putting NICE guidelines into practice, see resources to help you put guidance into practice.

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