Your care team

Your care team

A range of professionals who specialise in different areas of treatment or support may be involved in your care. These could include GPs, dermatologists (doctors who specialise in skin problems), clinical nurse specialists, oncologists (doctors who treat cancer with drugs or radiotherapy), pathologists (doctors who examine tissue samples), radiologists (doctors who carry out and examine scans of the body), plastic surgeons (doctors who repair or rebuild missing or damaged areas of tissue or skin) and maxillofacial surgeons (plastic surgeons who specialise in the jaws and face). These professionals often work together in a team called a specialist skin cancer multidisciplinary team (or MDT for short).

Working with you

Your care team should talk with you about melanoma. They should explain any tests, treatments or support you should be offered so that you can decide together what is best for you. Your family or carer can be involved in helping to make decisions, but only if you agree. If you are a child or young person,your parent or carer may be involved in helping to make decisions, depending on your age. There are questions throughout this information that you can use to help you talk with your care team.

You may also like to read NICE's information for the public on patient experience in adult NHS services. This sets out what adults should be able to expect when they use the NHS. We also have more information on the NICE website about using health and social care services.

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