1 Admission to hospital

1 Admission to hospital

1.1 On admission to hospital, assess all adults for frailty, irrespective of COVID‑19 status.

  • Use the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS), available from the NHS Specialised Clinical Frailty Network, as part of a holistic assessment where appropriate. Be aware of the limitations of using the CFS as the sole assessment of frailty.

  • The CFS should not be used in younger people, people with stable long-term disabilities (for example, cerebral palsy), learning disabilities or autism. An individualised assessment is recommended in all cases where the CFS is not appropriate.

  • Consider comorbidities and underlying health conditions in all cases.

  • Record the frailty assessment in the patient's medical record.
    [amended 31 March 2020]

1.2 When patients with possible COVID‑19 have been identified, follow appropriate UK government guidance on infection prevention and control measures. This includes recommendations on:

  • patient transfers and transport

  • segregation and cohorting

  • personal protective equipment

  • aerosol-generating procedures.

1.3 If COVID‑19 is diagnosed in someone not isolated from admission or presentation, follow UK government guidance on actions required when a case was not diagnosed on admission.